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Phototrophic veligers attached to coated LED Luminair

Photocatalytic Titanium dioxide kills CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) on contact, coating a simple mask will increase chances of protection. Click on the links, and check out the testing results. We have masks and coating material available, please contact us

How the Zebra Mania Light Works:

1. Zebra Mussel larvae attracted towards LED light.

2. Zebra Mussel larvae attaches to LED light.

3. O2 and OH Bubble forms around Zebra Mussel larvae.

4. Zebra Mussel larvae is eliminated.

4 Tests

1. Lake water cloudy.

2. Many bubbles action.

3. Bubbles half inch thick.

4. Done, water clean.

2 Tests

1 Tests

Stop the Invasion now

Zebra Mussels, Pelican Lake Minnesota.

Zebra Mussels, Hong Kong China


Zebra Mussels, invading a pipe


Zebra Mussels, on a Boat propeller

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